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Aecon 4

So...yes I went to a Supernatural Con. It was in Frankfurt, so how could I not? ;)

Okay so travel was easy this time ;) Found a cost free parking space and 40-ish minutes later I was at the airport. Followed the signs towards the Sheraton and then I was in a queue for the first time that weekend…not the last time though ;)

Got my key card and off I went…to arrive at my room about 7 minutes later…it’s one big hotel!

Unpacked and stuff and then went to search for Rewe…using the wrong hotel exit I was in the wrong bit of the airport and walked around for half an hour to finally find another supermarket, where I got water at least.
Back to the hotel I had developed a blister…great. Put on other shoes after a bit of rest and thought…ah lets see what’s going on at registration. Chaos was what was going on. I thought everyone would listen to what was said in the brochure and go in when called and group wise. Ha…nope.

So in the end they tried to make a queue but it was pretty much squeezing through and get registered whenever you wanted. And instead of selling the photo tickets people wanted then as well, they said everyone had to be registered before they would start selling those. Makes no sense but I think at Fedcon the whole concept of buying at the door makes more sense anyway, because not everyone wants every photo and…yeah. Whatevs.
So, back to the room and two hours later the same picture as before…got in ‘line’ and then they started to lead people away in groups of twenty. Upstairs we went and only when everyone was up there and in a queue they brought up the photo op tickets…and for the first hour or so ONE guy sat there to sell them, while he was also taking calls and tried to organize things.

When I was already close to the table anyway another 3 people appeared to help. Wooo ;) Well 2 ½ h after standing there and wondering whether that’s worth it (but then thought…mmm Mark hehe) I had my photo ticket and also bought an autograph ticket for Matt Cohen, because he wasn’t included in the ticket and he’s cute ;) For 12 € that’s pretty okay I think.
Went to my room and to bed after, cause I was so done and hadn’t slept much the night before.


Ah I forgot... they said they would sell reserved seating (which usually is sold two weeks prior to the event and not at the event itself!) Saturday morning from 8. So…down I went where already a huge queue was, so I decided ‘screw that’ and joined the queue to just go into the hall. Stood there for what felt like hours before everyone stormed in and I ended up way back… and felt quite fed up with the whole thing already.
Safety thing done by the MC Doug. Well, he’s no Garrett Wang but he’s okay.

Misha Panel

He saved the crappy morning I’ve had until then :) I can’t really remember any words specifically but let’s say…it’s not easy to ask him a question because he makes a lot of fun of people, but in a charming/funny way.

He also isn’t afraid of going into the whole Slash Fiction topic, even though people didn’t ask about that lol. One girl asked something about alternative universes and he went straight there, even though she didn’t really ask about that.

He’s a bit nuts, which was expected and fun to listen to. He also has his serious moments and said that he loves to do cons (after someone said that we love him etc.) At first he was like “You are making it quite hard for me to make fun of you…” but then he thanked us and was all tame and nice for a moment ;)

Richard Speight Jr.

Stage…who needs a stage…certainly not Richard. He preferred to walk through the crowd as he was taking questions and oh god…he told a train story…lol

Okay so Jared, Gen and him wanted to do a little Europe trip between cons a couple of years ago. The description of how he had packed (light) and how much stuff Jared and Gen had with them… lol It must have been quite a few cases and bags ;)

Oh and at that point a little side story about Richard being annoyed because he forgot his hairbrush and Jared went…”You need a hairbrush…that’s crazy.” Apparently Jared just dries his hair and is done…
Also everyone commented on how bloody tall that man is hehe.

Anyway…Train story . Words cannot describe it, so watch here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYAgf-185RQ

Richard also said that it’s funny how loved Gabriel still is, even though it’s been a while since he’s been on the show and he was only in 4 episodes. I have to check that, I can’t believe it was only 4… huh.
Then I went to my Mark photo shoot…that man has that kind of aura…you just feel when he’s in a room, even if you don’t see him. I was a bit surprised about how not tall he is…a bit taller than me but not that much. Hm. He was friendly and nice and…that voice. Bloody Hell…

Anyway…back to the panels and I came in to see Matt hugging people and not being on stage at all. He was like…I like to hug people, so… Yeah that resulted in a few people getting into the question queue just to get a hug but everyone was fine with that.

Then Mark…the grumpy bear. He loves to argue with people or ask them, when a question is a bit stupid whether they have watched the show.

BTW: He actually has the kiss photo (Bobby/Crowley) on his phone! Lol

He also didn’t care that much about the stage…go figure ;)

Lunch Break…which is a bit weird to me being a FedCon girl, but hey ;)

DJ is one skinny, fun guy who talks way too fast heh.

Kim…omg I love that woman. She was one of the few I thought I could miss but I stayed because my group wasn’t called for autographs yet. She’s loud, swears a lot and is a fangirl just like the rest of us hehe. She said that a few times and you could tell too. She’s kind of a mix between Marina Sirtis and Felicia Day (for me) and… yeah <3 She was very much okay with kissing Mark ;) and also Jim Beaver.

Also the things she said about women rights and that it isn’t the woman who has to learn not to dress differently or behave differently it’s the guys who have to learn the fuck not to rape. Goosebumps and tears…

Then I went to get autographs…just as Mark was leaving…great start… lol They said he would come back soon so I went into his line, since Misha’s was….loooong. Like that waiting line in Hell. Anywho…it took Mr. Sheppard a while but when he’s signing he’s fast and from then it didn’t take that long anymore.

I gave him some Haribo Vampires, because he had mentioned he likes Haribo and he looked pleased (as pleased as he is able to look, the grumpy bear ;) I love him…hehe) about that and I think he liked that I had him sign the Firefly BluRay cover. He signed and explained to me that he signs every one of those at the exact same spot. I meant to say so much, but my brain kinda went for a walk at that moment.

Then I decided to get my autograph from Matt, because he sat there, looking bored. Guys, really for him 10 GBP or 12 € shouldn’t be too much. He’s not only hot, but adorable too. And he gave out sweets to the poor souls waiting in Misha’s line. I went there and he was playing with his phone so I said. “Hey…are you bored?” And he looked a bit perplexed for a moment but then smiled. “A bit…” aww.

Yeah done, regretted that I didn’t get a Richard ticket but then thought about my financial situation and went to the Misha line, who looked a bit tired at that point. He was nice though and when I said it was very nice to meet him I got a little smile. :)

While waiting in line a wild Ty Olson appeared ;) and he talked to fans, trying to get them saying naughty things to Mark or Misha and at one point Misha started to throw sweets at Ty who tried to catch them with his mouth. Lol

Left there, amused by Ty and went to Rick’s panel where…Ty was as well. Apparently he was bored ;)

Yeah not many questions were answered really, they did the (Alpha) Vampire impregnating ritual and drank a lot… It was super funny but hard to describe ;) The unplanned double panel bleed into the Ty single panel and he got some people to get him drinks and a kid to empty the water carafe.

Every time he swore he put a Euro in there for the kid lol

Decided to not go to the Jason Manns gig because that would have cost extra and also I wanted to see The Voice, plus I was really tired, so off to my room…


Same procedure with the being in line and ending up somewhere at the back…

They switched panels around so it would be Matt&Richard first and Misha last. Fun panel of the two of them and Matt continued to hug people. He’s adorable… It seems to me that they are all really good friends and because they do a lot of cons really are like a family, which is so nice to see. Well they make fun of Jared a lot, because…tall and Mark always calls him Moose so I think that wasn’t like a writers/Crowley thing but more a Mark thing heh.

Can’t remember who else, but someone and Misha both were like…If I hug him, my face is in his belly button lol
Oh and Jensen at some point was apparently like…I’m 6’2 and I’m called the short one…pff lol

Err yeah again dunno much about what they talked about anymore but fun times and after those two the crazy vamps appeared…with two small beer barrels on their shoulders…it was 11:00 btw ;)

Yeah not that many question but lots of crazy/funny antics.

Mark was Mark and I guess some people would call him rude, but if you go there to ask a question, know your stuff and prepare to be argued with anyway ;) I never ever will ask him something hehe.

I mean…really…tell him you’ve seen him in all those shows and then ask whether he ever did not use his English accent…? Seriously? Then you have not seen Doctor Who, even though you claimed that you have.

Anyway, love the grumpy bear and in the end he said good bye already because his flight was going before the Closing and thanked everyone from the bottom of his heart and you could tell those cons are fun for him and mean a lot to him.

A few actors, like Colin at Fedcon spoke about that this is kinda like the theatre experience and that you get a response there, which you are not getting while shooting and it’s important to them.
After Lunch I saw a bit of DJ and Kevin, but then went to get autographs from the vampires. I might have fallen a bit for Ty…maybe ;)

Back to see a bit of Julian’s and Kim’s panel and both of them were lovely.

Misha…we had to wait for but I expected that, since he was supposed to do autographs until the last minute.
He came on screen, sitting somewhere saying he was back in LA already….yeah right. Took a TARDIS, eh? ;) And he said that this would be much more comfy for everyone really, if everyone was at home in their Pyjamas and didn’t have to get out to see him.

People shouted. “We want to see you in person…” and finally he stood up (he was up at the balcony where the sound guys lived) and came down, throwing something big down the stairs first, scaring everyone cause at first I thought it was him falling! It wasn’t…

Some fun and then a few of the actors, Richard and DJ among them and Richard went. “I’m sorry to interrupt, your majesty….but we have flights to get to and wanted to say goodbye.”

The Misha thing was a running gag throughout the days btw. Whenever people were called for something and left a panel the actor on stage went. “Must be a Misha call…well see you…” lol
Yeah suddenly the rest of the actors and again DJ came on stage and he went. “I’m not leaving yet, the guys confused me earlier!” lol

There was some singing, but I left then to get to my bag and coat before everyone had a go at that.
The End. ;)

Now I’m prepared how Rogue Event works so I’d do some things differently in the future and I will for Wolf’s Bane. If you are fit and prepared for chaos, then it’s okay. I wasn’t and I still enjoyed most of the program, but that’s because of the amazingly crazy/lovely actors. So…Supernatural con…yeah wanna do that again :)

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