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Arrival Day. It was literally a 3 minutes walk from the airport to the Sheraton, thank god! Ca. 4 minutes to the Maritim, so pretty much perfect.
Wednesday wasn’t only arrival/get checked in and get our gold bracelet already day, no we went to see The Avengers.
Don’t ask me too much about it, it feels like years ago since I’ve seen it lol. Must see again, yep. No, I remember it was good, solid super hero stuff with lots of humour… Joss I still love you very much, yep.

It started quite normal, seen Virginia Hey and kept wondering about how many operations she had…um anyway it was quite interesting anyway, even though I’ve never seen an episode of Farscape…I think. Should I?

Richard Arnold’s stories about the TNG set…yeah was okay. I still don’t really know whether I love or hate the man, it changes every year lol

Then the Chaos started…apparently Gates McFadden had made a doctor’s appointment weeks ago, without telling anyone at Fedcon (nice, when you plan with someone), so Kai Owen came out on stage :)

Since the information didn’t really work that great yet and only people with Twitter alert on Fedcon knew about it, the first question for him was where Gates was…yeah people that made a lot of sense…as if Kai would know...

Kai was a lot of fun, of course people asked about pranks hehe. During the panel I hoped he didn’t scare anyone, because man that guy is loud hehe. But…yeah loved his panel :) Apparently he loves beer and he promised to be at the bar straight after the panel.
Well…he did not lie…After his panel I went out for a smoke and guess who was drinking a beer and grinning at everyone up there…? ;)

I think the next thing was a Make Up demonstration…one of the 'Fedcon Klingons' got a professional Klingon Makeup.

After that a short panel with Teryl Rothery who had forgotten that she’s had a Panel before…or something.

That woman likes to flirt hehe.

Not sure we’ve been told that Joe Flanigan would arrive the next day then (Apparently he didn’t feel like 4 days of Con…hey I love you but you are a Diva Mr. F)…? Anywho…

Introducing the Klingon actors J.G. Hertzler and Robert O’Reilly (Crazyyyy), somehow Kling Off was born.

Yeah Klingon and Klingoff lol It was Garrett’s new thing…and yes it was funny *g*

Also he had brought his T-Shirts and I now own a Umlaut/Fluchtwege shirt….you had to be there I guess. Garrett still loves to say Umlaut but doesn’t like to say things with Umlaut hehehe.

Ahh gotta love him. Uh Anyway…

First glimpse of the very, very charming Felicia, Nick Brendon who looked surprisingly (to me) fit. Yes he works out ;) *giggle* (more on that later… ;))

Joel Gretsch wasn’t there and god knows where he was. There was never an official announcement.

Got a first impression of Casper van Dien, who was the biggest (positive) surprise that weekend. :D

Garrett said Walter Koenig wouldn’t be at the Opening but he came in last anyway, still in his coat. As soon as he stepped out, I felt a bit funny and warm inside, that man has some charisma…wow. He got a huge round of applause and said that he always feels so great when he comes to Germany :)

Okay and I have no clue what happened after the Opening to be honest…I didn’t write anything down on the plan….I’m quite sure there was neither a Joe Flanigan panel nor a Kai Owen one ;)

Oh…wait…right Gates had her panel and we decided not to stay because…I don’t know anymore…photo with someone maybe? Oh right…Garrett photo!

But yeah instead of Gates, Kai came out for a moment and they made a joke out of the earlier thing hehe.

So we went for the first photo shooting of the con. Very cute photo with Garrett :D
That was it for that day…

Friday, 18.05.2012

First photo of the day with Felicia Day <3 She saw my Tardis necklace and commented on seeing a lot of Who fans at the Con. (yeah…Dirk I hope next time we will get some Doctor Who actors…please?) Was a bit annoyed about the helper who was like 'Oh I wish she would stop with the small talk, it has to be quicker'. Really? It wasn't that full there...

We caught a bit of Dr. Hubert Zitt’s presentation and he was quite lovely.

So was Nicholas Brendon. He told us he wasn’t really there yet and that he wasn’t able to sleep. He was very glad the airport was just around the corner so he could be at McDonalds at 3 in the morning. Poor thing. As always I kept forgetting to take notes, so I can’t really tell much about questions and his answers.

He started out with sunglasses on but took them off saying that guys who wore their sunglasses inside were Douchebags. Not disagreeing here… ;)

He was asked about whether him or Kelly played pranks on people because they were twins and he said they didn’t…not sure I believe him ;)

He sang a little bit and at the end did the Snoopy Dance, saying there was no Con where he had not been asked to do that hehe.

Had a bit of down time after that and went back to witness Erick Avari’s panel. That guy is so lovely *sigh* I liked him before but at Fedcon I fell a little bit in love with him.

We decided to see a bit of Casper van Dien, because after him would be another Kai Owen panel. Thank god we did! I thought before that he was probably just a pretty (Ken) face, but man that guy is so much FUN! OUTSTANDING! Err yeah….he shouts a lot lol He was on stage with Garrett most of the time and the two of them had me laughing with tears streaming down my face.

Kai was just…Kai again :D Oh, he said that from his POV it was fun to work in America but as a fan of the show, he'd prefer if it would go back to Cardiff really.

Then it was Nicholas photo time and I was a little weak in the knees and that’s the photo I don’t remember much of…blanking out when I’m super excited…great.

We missed the Jonathan Frakes panel because we got into yet another queue for a photo with Joe Flanigan. I hope Mr. Frakes will be back, because I feel so bad for missing both of his panels and he was so lovely during the autograph session! I feel quite bad for missing him all the time :/

Anywho…I got a slightly strange look from Joe (I wore my Eleven Outfit including Fez and Tardis) lol

After that we caught a bit of RDA’s panel and not only has he lost some weight, he seemed more relaxed and nicer than last year. He actually answered questions instead of making fun of them….Maybe he was really nervous last year? Dunno but I’m so very glad he changed my opinion of him again, because I was really disappointed last year.

Then Joe’s panel. I love how outspoken he is about his opinions…not really much neutral actor talk going on when asked about an opinion. I like that. He also thinks the ending of Atlantis sucked and he told us about a few pranks with Jason Momoa. Heh.

Saturday, 19.05.2012

Okay first some Panels.

We saw Erick Avari who wanted Garrett to stay on stage for a bit and the two of them played off very well of each other. Erick is a very nice guy and very different to how I had imagined him. I thought he would be a very serious and dry guy, but he’s the complete opposite. Fun but also with deep moments that had me in goose bumps…not always in a good way but…yeah the topic was how people reacted to him after 9/11. :-/

Then Felicia Day also with Garrett, since she was a Fedcon virgin ;). Felicia had a box of Haribo and wanted people to take the liquorish, but of course people took anything else lol. Ms. Day was not so happy with people who stole the frogs, I can tell ya hehe.

She was, as Garrett described very refreshing and soooo much fun. I loved her before but after the two panels, the nice moment during the photo shoot and the little chat we had during the autograph session (more on that later), she became my goddess ;) . No, really she’s so cute and natural and I can imagine just sitting down with her and talking for ages.

She said she loves castles (nothing to do with Nathan Fillion’s character…heh) and that she landed in Munich when she came from a convention in England and drove up from there to Düsseldorf to see some castles.

She also said she loves that Germans know how to drive and she wants to take all of us with her and put us on American streets lol.

Panel Gates McFadden… well we left after 10 minutes or so. For one, we wanted to avoid the rush at the food tables after her panel (because then would be the pause to prepare for autograph session) and second…she was rather…cool (not in a good way) and not very interesting. Maybe it wasn’t a good timing to place her after Felicia hm.

Anyway…Food and then we waited for Autograph time.

Felicia – I had the cover of my The Guild season 2 DVD with me and she was very happy to see that and asked me where I got it. Told her amazon.co.uk and she thanked me for supporting the show.

We talked a bit about the youtube channel of her and Wil and she asked me whether I was a gamer. I told her I’m more into board games, like Settlers of Catan and that I was very happy about that Table Top episode. We talked a bit about the change of some of the rules, but she said something along the lines that it has to be ‘TV-friendly’ or something but some people complained about some of the things. Well…I told her I was a bit confused but had thought Wil changed some stuff to make it more interesting or something.

(Speaking about Settlers of Catan…they sold Star Trek Settlers of Catan and if I’d have any space left in my suitcase….)

Kavan Smith – Not very busy there but he was very nice. Cute smile ;) but I was still with Felicia in my mind so I didn’t say much.

Erick Avari – Went there with my picture of the Stargate which had a few autographs already but so far everyone had written around it (and in silver). I said very heartfelt that it was a huge pleasure to meet him (I think I even added a sir…) and he smiled all warmly at me and asked ‘Team Barrowman’? It was the shirt I was wearing and I said. ‘John Barrowman…you probably won’t know him…’ He said. ‘No, sorry I don’t’ and looked like he wanted to google the name hehe. Anyway I told him my name and asked him whether he could sign in the middle/inside the gate and maybe in gold and he asked with a grin. ‘So, you want me to be special then?’ and I smiled brightly at him and gave a very heartfelt ‘Yes!’ I mean the guy was in the movie and SG-1 and was just so very lovely! He wrote – Andrea, rock on! And then his sign…nice.

Garrett – Someone from Fedcon sat down on a chair on stage and he turned to joke with him for a moment and then the guy told him the Shatner like went as far as the airport by now, which Garrett took as a joke first but then went ‘Holy shit!’. He signed my picture with him and asked my name and I said. ‘Still not Boris’ sister’ since he started that thing last year, but he didn’t remember or was distracted so he just kinda grinned a bit.

At Gates/Jonathan’s table was too much going on, so we went to…

Casper ‘the friendly ghost’ van Dien – We had decided after his panel and seeing him around and just being fun that we wanted an autograph with him as well and hey…goldticket, so it was just a question of picture. We picked one from Starship Troopers with him, Denise Richards and Neil Patrick Harris on.

He asked whether I would be okay with him signing all over the others faces. I asked him to please not do that and then he asked whether I was following him on Twitter. ‘Not yet’ I said and he told me he would follow me back. (Later I followed him and Mr. van Dien is now following me too.) Apparently we are best friends now…that’s what he wrote under my name hehe.

There was some more banter but I can’t really remember that much, it was very amusing though.

Joe Flanigan – Well what can I say…pretty boy hehe. Asked him whether he could write in the middle of the gate too and he started writing with a silver pen that gave up and then continued with a gold pen. ‘Well that looks…different. Special’ Yeah…kinda does. Also amused about him writing his role name underneath. Yeah…I know who you played lol

Nick Brendon – My stupid moment. I told him I was a huge Xander fan back then and tried to tell him that it was a very nice surprise to see him on Criminal Minds. It came out kinda…differently and it was as if I’d forgotten how to speak English. Great moment…not. lol. He signed the picture of me and him, where I was in my Eleven outfit and god knows what he thought I was representing there, because he wrote ‘Olè’ under my name lol.

Kai Owen – Remember I was wearing my Team Barrowman shirt…it went well at first, I gave him my Wales flag to sign and told him I was falling in love more and more with Wales and hoped to see all of the country at some point. So far so good…He looked at my shirt, then into my face and went. ‘I hate your T-shirt’ I laughed and answered. ‘I thought you would…’ It’s good I know that he likes the Barrowman very much and know that Kai can be a bit rough around the edges lol.

Also got an autograph from Teryl Rothery …yeah not much to report there really.

Went out for a smoke and saw the hugeee autograph line for William Shatner and decided…nope. Don’t want that. They weren’t lying about the line going to the airport!

We decided to reserve ourselves a nice place in the smaller room to see Nick Brendon and Casper van Dien later. Like this we saw the Presentation of some Dr. Grodbort stuff by Greg Broadmore from WETA. Wasn’t expecting much, but it was quite interesting and I love the New Zealand accent…

There was some other stuff and after they changed around some stuff, it was time for William Shatners panel in the main room. Since the smaller room was for the Day tickets to see a screening of what was going on in the main room, we went back there and it was, as expected, packed.

Well…William Shatner…maybe I had expected too much, was too tired or god knows what, but apart from the moment he came on stage and I got a bit choked up, he was not that impressive really. *shrug*

After that we went back to the smaller room to get a good space for the Nicholas Brendon panel. Before was Virginia Hey thought, which I thought was the lemon I had to bite….But she was actually very interesting. At first she shocked me a bit by jumping down the stage because the microphones for the questions didn’t work and she went ‘prepared or not, I will go to everyone and expect a question’ or something like that… Great…first row…woohoo.

Anyway she took a while to answer questions and never got to us…phew. She talked about natural healing and the powers your own body has to heal and that really spoke to me and was quite interesting.

Then Nick with a bit of Garrett banter heh. When there were moments without any questions Nick acted as if there was a question and went. ‘Yes I work out, thanks for asking!’ lol

No Snoopy Dance this time, but he told us he was still sleepless, the poor guy. And oh that he worked out lol

It was pretty much just silly really. There might have been some Criminal Minds spoilers too… He spoke about the Buffy comic and that it’s very strange that apparently Xander is together with Dawn in them. Yeah, find that a little strange too. Also he was like ‘Oh now Xander becomes cool…’

There was a question about how he felt about Xander saving the world in season 6 of Buffy and he said he hadn’t really realized back then until someone came up to him and was like ‘Thanks for saving the world’.

We changed rooms once more to see a bit of costume contest but more because of the following panel.

Joe Flanigan and Kavan Smith. I can’t really remember much, I was busy trying to get clear pictures of the two of them and both together which was a little difficult! Thanks to whoever asked them to come over to ‘our’ side of the stage! I thought it was a bit strange that they talked about Kavan being a guest star really, cause to me I felt like Lorne was a big part of the Stargate team later on hm.

Again some talk about pranks (did I mention I want Jason for Fedcon? Heh) and something about Kavan not being allowed to smile more than Joe lol.

Okay and another kinda…maybe stupid move. I don’t regret seeing another Casper panel but I do feel bad/regret not seeing Jonathan Frakes at all.

Casper was…hoarse what wasn’t that surprising really lol. Also fun again but…he had to go and get a bit deep and vulnerable at some point, showing the guy behind all that loudness. Thanks for making us fall a bit in love with you. *grumble* ;)

That was the Saturday. I probably forgot tons of stuff but I probably won’t take notes next year either.

Sunday, 20.05.2012

I really wanted a photo with Kai Owen and I wanted it in my Eleven outfit, so even despite the heat I put everything on. Funny, we met Captain Jack (also a female version) in line again. We had taken a photo together the day before already. Photo was done quickly and when we came out I noticed the line that started to build for William Shatner and I decided to stay right there. Was an hour wait until he started but I didn’t want to risk a huge line building again. It didn’t really and after Mr. Shatner had arrived we were through in 10 Minutes or so. No chat with Shatner ;) really but…whatever.

We then went to get our Autographs from Gates and Jonathan as well, expecting it would go fast enough for me to see the Fedcon Behind the Scenes thing…well Mr. Frakes isn’t as fast as Mr. Shatner is ;) so that didn’t work out. Gates was quick…a Helper told us when we went into line that Gates didn’t wish to be photographed…okay. Whatever. Just fit with the whole Gates McFadden experience really. Don’t come back please? Liked your character better…thx.

The good thing about being in a huge Jonathan Frakes queue was…staring at Joe Flanigan lol. Was kinda nice watching him and taking time for every fan, even getting up to get a picture taken of him and a girl in a Wraith costume. But anyway…yes time to meet Mr. Frakes who gave me a nice smile and told me ‘You look great’ (still in my Eleven costume). That quite surprised me really, he was the last Star guest I had expected a comment on about that.

After the Sunday autograph session was done Felicia had another panel, this time on her own and it was once again quite fun. I hope Felicia will tell Nathan Fillion to come to Düsseldorf too, it worked with Wil telling her how much fun Fedcon is….hehe.

She was very impressed with all the costumes and everything and also wants to come back. Yay :D

Double panel Walter Koenig and Garrett Wang: So much fun…Garrett kept trying to make Walter laugh but it turned out to not being so easy hehe. Walter Koenig…that man is so damn cool. Much, much more love for him than for Shatner.

Another Shatner panel…I was very tired at that point and he kind of just annoyed me. Also not impressed that he said he wasn’t going to be at the Closing. Before we have been told he wouldn’t be at the Opening but would be at the Closing…Diva much?

Anyway, the Closing was fun and yet sad as always…

Those four days rush past so damn quickly and when it’s all done and I left the main room I felt so lost for a moment…

This time at least I knew I wouldn’t have to say goodbye to Emma instantly as well, because we would spend some time in Bavaria :)

Some Quotes/Memory snippets

One of Garrett’s favourite things he taught pretty much every guest: Scheiße gelaufen!

Nice: Seeing Nicholas Brendon, Casper van Dien, Kai Owen and Matthew Bennett walk around a lot and being at the parties.

Casper van Dien had some fans that have been in Trooper uniforms with him everywhere…even at the photo shooting(s) lol

Actors who played Klingons…slightly crazy and fun hehe. They were seen everywhere too.
Casper talked very nicely about John Barrowman :) When I imagine the two of them on stage together…Oh My! Lol

Garrett <3

If anyone (but wastexyourxtime ;)) is interested in photos I’ll post some…
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