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So...last weekend I flew to London. Okay it was a day trip on Saturday to see Zach Braff's All New People. http://www.allnewpeople.co.uk/

Bit crazy one might say...well I've never said I was normal ;)

It was a bit stressy but hell...so worth it! Zach Braff was amazing and Eve Myles....god I love that woman. I still hate Gwen but Eve is an amazing actress and I hope to see her in more productions/movies/tv shows in the future.

The chemistry she and Zach had on stage. Wow...I was blown away and not only by that. I've laughed so hard I was crying at times and a few minutes later I had to fight not to sob uncontrollably.

Zach himself...well I have to apologize for wondering whether he could 'do it' on stage. I feel a bit silly now for wondering about it.

After the play, we got an autograph from Zach (with a hat...♥ )and then kinda skipped around...or floating on cloud 9 hehe. Ended up at Kings Cross to take pictures at
Platform 9 3/4...yeah Nerdy Girls we are heh.

Back to the airport and home after that. Wonderful day yep :)

Oh and today Zach had to go and tweet...revealing that he was in fact in a harness at the beginning. I would have sworn he hadn't been! Very well hidden hehe.
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