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Okay so the plan was to fly to London at the 30st, go back at the 1st and see Zach Braff's play in between. My body didn't agree with that plan and fell sick. Stupid body.

New plan is now to go to London on a coming Saturday morning, see the play in the afternoon and go back in the evening. Crazy? Yeah, probably, but I want to see that damn play and since I'm going back to England next in July (Manchester, Scarborough, Wakefield, York...a Yorkshire tour ;)) I need at least one day before. Yep.

Fedcon is getting closer and I'm slooooowly losing some weight, so my brown pine stripe pants might just fit by then.

Sitting at home being sick sucks a bit, I'm easily bored but when I start doing something I start sweating, feel dizzy and weak....might be because I'm sick...hmmmm. Bored. Now.

I've discovered The Script. Yes, I've lived under a rock so far, thanks for asking ;) When Danny sings I can feel his pain and it's so rare these days that I can really feel something in music.

Which brings me to my worries that I have for October. Daniel. Will he be able to get me again? I will probably laugh about those worries after the concert but...hm. We'll see.

Might take a nap...
Tags: daniel, danny, london, the script, urgh wanna die, zach braff

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