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1. Pick 15 of your favourite tv shows.
2. Go to Wiki Quotes, and find a quote from each show.
3. Post them here for everyone to guess.
4. Strike it out when someone guesses correctly, and put who guessed it and the show
5. NO GOOGLING/using IMDB search functions!

1. Okay is Lame? I thought Lame was a gay bar. Or is that Wrong? How I met your mother wastexyourxtime

2. Stay in the car! Chuck heh wastexyourxtime we've counted how many times...?

3. Been knocking about, bit of a farewell tour. Things to do, people to see, there's always more. I can invent a new colour, save the dodo, join the Beatles! Doctor Who wastexyourxtime

4. Okay, think of what little patience I have as, oh, I don't know, your virginity. You always thought it would be there, until that night Junior Year when you were feeling a little down about yourself and your pal Kevin, who just wanted to be friends, well, he dropped by and he brought a copy of About Last Night and a four-pack of Bartles & Jaymes and badaow, it was gone forever—just like my patience is now.

5. God, I love this. You don’t realize how unqualified most of America’s youth is until you gather them all up in a room and make them speak.

6. Look, I've told you you were an ass. I just didn't realize you were a royal one Merlin. And the winner is noria. wastexyourxtime also knew and replied to DW first but a tiny bit later :)

7. Oh, no, no! Oh, let's hold on here! I've hummed along to your pity ditty. I think I should have the mic for a bit.

8. I'm not going through an odd phase, I really am odd.

9. Right, OK. I'll do this floor, don't want you getting over excited. You take the roof, you're good on roofs. Torchwood *sob* wastexyourxtime

10. I seem to have reached an odd functional impasse. I am, uh... stuck.

11. She said "Take a hint." But when I asked "What hint?," Naomi said if she told me what hint, that it wouldn't be a hint any more, it would be a statement.

12. Don't mistake me. I do love the ladies. It's just lately... I've been wondering... what it'd be like... to share the slaughter of innocents... with another man. Don't think that makes me some kind of a deviant, hmm? Do you?

13. The Zero Point Module, General. The ancient power source you recovered from Proclarush Taonas and that's now powering the outpost defenses. I've since determined it generates its enormous power from vacuum energy derived from a self-contained region of subspace time. Stargate Atlantis jantoscaper

14. Faith - that's another word for ignorance, isn't it?

15. Baby, I am tied to a tree in the jungle of mystery. I just got tortured by a damn spinal surgeon and a genuine Iraqi. Of course I'm serious. Lost wastexyourxtime

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